Dairy Free Rice Pudding

The other day, whilst searching for a Slimming World friendly mac’n’cheese recipe, I came across this recipe for rice pudding (yes, I know, random) which intrigued me and so obviously I had to make it!

She Cooks She Eats is a fantastic blog all about good food. Amy, the blogs creator is a beautiful, fellow Slimming Worlder and there is a whole section dedicated to Slimming World friendly recipes which excited me probably a little bit more than it should of and I quickly set to, making a list of all the recipes I’d like to try and re-blog about (so expect more coming your way!)

It was suggested that this rice pudding recipe be tried for breakfast and as I’m always struggling to to come up with original and speedy breakfasts. I thought this was rather a good idea.

This is what you need…

1 cup of sweet or pudding rice

3 cups of water

Sweetener (add to taste)

Fruit to top

Cinnamon/cocoa powder to flavour (optional)

And this is what you do…

Put the rice and water in a saucepan, mix with a fork

Add the sweetener

Bring to the boil

Let it boil until all the water is absorbed and the rice is fluffy (approximately 15-20 minutes should do it) Add more water if needed

Stir through any flavours as required

Serve and top with fruit

This is what it looked like…


I have to admit I was a little sceptical as I’ve never had much luck with “proper” rice pudding before, it’s always come out fairly tasteless and bland. I really only started trying to make it when Molly was weaning as it was a really healthy way of getting the calcium she needed through her food. Strangely enough she did actually used to eat it (although my husband refused to and to be honest, I only ate it to try and be encouraging and set a good example) but now she won’t touch rice dishes with a barge pole, sweet or savoury…maybe I put her off with my bland rice pudding?

Anyway, despite my scepticism, this dish actually turned out to be really, really tasty. I think I will experiment with other ways to sweeten it as I’m trying to get away from using sweeteners and it did have a slightly over-sweet chemically kind of taste to it, but I’m pretty sure that was just from the sweetener. I think I might try honey next time and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted!

I also found that the 1 cup rice to 3 cups water ratio made far too much, so if you’re only making it for one and a toddler I would reduce the quantities a bit. In fairness, I think the recipe meant to use a mug or cup whereas I used an actual “cup” measurement.

I topped mine with strawberries, blueberries and black currants (which are all fantastic speed foods that help you lose weight quicker and are really rich in antioxidants, black currants especially – these ones were from a friends allotment and were really tasty!) but you could top with whatever you like really, I think grated apple would be delicious and banana would work well with cocoa flavoured rice.

I haven’t tried it with the cocoa yet but I think I might give this a go and maybe add a bit of peanut butter to try and tempt Molly into eating it as she’s a little obsessed with peanut butter and I think the addition of it to most foods will make her try things she wouldn’t normally. I will also be recommending this to my dairy and gluten intolerant friend as I realised, as well as being Slimming World friendly, it also contains neither of the above. Bonus!

(just a quick update, I tried this recipe again this morning and sweetened it with 1 tsp of honey instead of sweetener. It worked really well and tasted much nice than the sweetener, I shall be doing it like this in future. I also tried making it with cocoa and peanut butter and topping it with banana and it was really tasty. Still didn’t quite tempt Molly to eat rice but she did try a couple of mouthfuls so it can’t be all bad! Here’s what it looked like…)


I’d thoroughly recommend checking out Amy’s blog, although a word of warning to you fellow Slimmers, don’t check out the baking or sweet sections of the blog unless you have will power of steel as there are some mighty tempting looking recipes that will have you running for your mixing bowls and tying on those beautifully kitschy aprons…you have been warned!


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