Shoes for Molly

It upset me probably a bit more than it should have done when I learned that Molly has a high-instep. It upset me because I know how much I love shoes and the prospect of her struggling to find shoes that fit properly fills me with sadness. I also have a fairly extensive collection of shoes that I was hoping to pass on to her one day. My levels of upset peaked one day last Winter when I’d gone into Clarks to buy her a pair of boots that I’d been waiting to come into the sale and which finally had. These boots were actually the most beautiful boots that I’d ever seen in my life and I really wanted her to have them. I also really wanted me to have them but they didn’t do them in adult sizes unfortunately so I was already struggling to come to terms with that! They had them in her size and the shop assistant had gone to get them from the store room so my excitement levels were rising, she arrived back and it turned out that they were even more beautiful in real life than they’d looked on my computer screen…but then came the awful moment, the fitting and the words “high instep” and the realisation that not only were these beautiful boots of loveliness not going to fit but most likely, no boots were going to fit, or worse, only really ugly boots were going to fit. I decided at that moment that I would make it my life’s work to find attractive shoes that would comfortably fit a toddler with a high instep and I would not rest until she had beautiful shoes, sandals and my biggest challenge, boots! As it’s Summer (apparently) I have not yet set out to tackle the challenge of finding boots but I have made good progress in other areas and I will continue to keep you posted as I journey on for the holy grail of shoes. The best slippers we’ve found are actually from H&M , they have good grips on the bottom to stop slippages, they have velcro fastening which means that they can be put on (and taken off) by little hands and they also fit a high instep nicely as they can fasten accordingly. They are also super cute.


I struggled to find summery shoes that were both light enough for her to wear on a warm day but substantial enough to provide protection for little feet. Surprising even myself I eventually found these lovely little shoes in Primark for only a few pounds. Again because they fasten using velcro it allows us to adjust them accordingly so they don’t pinch over the top of her feet. The rubber soles are surprisingly robust. and although I suspect that they will not survive after the Summer, they don’t really need to as feet will keep growing, it’s what they do best!


For more everyday wear we felt that more “sensible” and robust shoes were needed, and where do you go for sensible and robust? Why Clarks of course! To be honest I found the selection at Clarks to be very limited, not hugely to my taste and a little on the pricey side. Don’t  get me wrong, I certainly don’t mind spending the money on something as important as my child’s shoes but I didn’t feel that I was buying something that I particularly liked or was actually totally satisfied with. I did manage to find a pair of leather shoes that had velcro fastenings and were quite pretty but I sort of felt like I was buying the only pair of shoes in the shop that fitted, maybe that’s just part and parcel of having a high instep but why should it have to be?!


So this question did occur to me and it made me think that surely there must be somewhere, probably online and most likely at a huge cost, that manufactures cute shoes for toddlers who struggle to fit into standard sizes and so I set off to find it. Would you believe, that it doesn’t exist. Only in my head. But during my research I did find a few drool-worthy websites which do sell beautiful shoes that they either claim or people recommend that they are suitable for toddlers with high insteps due to flexible fastenings and generous sizing. They range in prices, my favorite being the one that doesn’t even give prices readily (which always makes me a little nervous) but they are all beautiful shoes and well worth checking out…

So, I hope this has been an interesting read if your little one is also cursed with a high-instep and it’s not all doom and gloom because apparently a high instep makes for a good ballerina! Maybe I’ve got it all wrong and should just be looking for ballet shoes?

Next on the shopping list are sandals, wellies and boots…I’ll keep you posted!


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