A day at the Farm


On a recent visit to see family in Manchester we were introduced to Smithills Farm www.smithillsopenfarm.co.uk where we met this chap pictured above and also lots of real cows as well. We also saw Roe Deer, Reindeer (who were taking a break from helping Santa, what with it being a few months yet until Christmas), Alpacas, goats, pigs, sheep, chickens, donkeys, horses and obviously most excitingly, after all that lot, ducks!!


Molly had her first donkey ride (cue over excited Mummy snapping away with the camera) and we could also have gone for a tractor ride but we got a bit distracted with the reindeer. There was also an adventure play area which was lovely for older children but would have been even better if they’d had some baby swings! There was however an inflatable play area with a giant slide which looked like a LOT of fun! At regular intervals we had the chance to go and feed/pet some of the baby animals which was quite clearly adorable and lots of fun, although Molly had other ideas due to her excitement at having discovered the ducks earlier and wanting to re-visit them over and over again. And then again after that.

Refreshments were fairly average, we all found something that we were happy to eat but just don’t expect gourmet food. Molls very much enjoyed her beans on toast which she’d had a hankering for all day for some reason and I found a baked potato and beans. The hubby chose a “special burger” which turned out to be special due to it’s inclusion of mushrooms. He ate it all so it can’t have been that bad. There followed an ice cream incident which I didn’t partake in but can vouch that it looked delicious!

The facilities were excellent with lots of places to wash hands and sit inside if the weather happened to be less appealing than it was on our visit. There was also a lovely gift shop with a good range of affordable “pocket money” toys and some foodie type gifts for the adults too.

Definitely a worthwhile visit if you’re in the area and looking for a fun family day out!

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