Molly’s Dinosaur Birthday

So Molly turned 2 a couple of weeks ago and we had a party. A dinosaur themed party. Her birthday being in July and Molly loving nothing more than to be outdoors running around, we decided to man up and brave the weather. This was both a bad idea and a good idea. It was a bad idea because this decision had me up half the night before listening to the hammering rain on the window and wondering what on earth I was going to do if it never stopped (and it sounded like it would never stop!!) and it was a good idea because literally minutes into her party it DID stop and the sun came out and it was glorious. At the time I swore never again to risk it because surely we won’t be that lucky again, but of course next year I will be planning another outdoor party again I’m sure.

Pinterest was my go to inspiration for this party, along with my party-planning side kick and armed with my tablet and a little notebook, I got scribbling down ideas from other parties that caught my eye and concocted a whole theme including activities, dressing up and food. It was a LOT of work but so worth it on the day when lots of happy little toddlers were running and around and stuffing their faces. I’d do it all again.

On the day we set out for Exhibition Park in Newcastle, I’d checked out the legalities before hand and there is nothing stopping people having a children’s birthday party in a public park. We had rides on the miniature railway and then we hunted for dinosaur eggs which my long suffering hubby had made out of papier mache molded around balloons, these were then filled with dinosaur goodies like stickers, bouncy balls with little dino’s in them and small plastic dinosaurs. Each child had a jam jar decorated with a dinosaur on the lid which they used to put their collected treasures in and we supplied beautifully crafted dinosaur tails, made by the lovely  ,masks and feet for all the children to dress up as dinosaurs with.

We laid out a picnic lunch in the bandstand and feasted on dinosaur footprint biscuits, mini cupcakes, a watermelon dinosaur fruit plate, herbivore cups (vegetable sticks and dips), dinosaur shaped sandwiches and crisps made by oven baking tortillas (a healthier option), mud pots (made by layering banana and butterscotch angel delight and chocolate custard and topped with crushed oreo “earth”- a less healthy option!) and dinosaur shaped cheese.

Here’s what we did….

dino eggs


dino egg carnage

We hunted for dinosaur eggs and collected goodies from each one to put in a little jar

Here’s what we wore…


We dressed up like dinosaurs – RAAAAAAA!

And here’s what we ate…

dino food 4

Dino party 5


dino food 3

dino food 1

dino food 2


We had our picnic on the bandstand which was originally just to keep everyone dry but it actually worked out very nicely…


The party favors were freshly baked dinosaur biscuits decorated with bright colors and of course they took home their jars full of dinosaur goodies as well as dinosaur masks and feet.

All in all a dino-tastic day…I wonder what the theme will be next year? x


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