Just muddling through…

As a full time working mum to a toddler, I often beat myself up about not doing the best job possible at EVERYTHING, and so I began to tell myself that it’s okay to just do your best and make every second of every day count for something. Now, I think that there must be other mums out there telling themselves just the same thing and counting on other people to help them out a bit by  making suggestions, recommendations, giving reviews and offering inspiration.

In this blog I’m hoping to do just that. I’ll try to give you an insight into our family life in the hopes that you see something that you like and give it a go or re-blog it. I’ll try to cover all kinds of things as we go along, from healthy family recipes and fun days out to ideas for birthday parties and decorating a toddlers bedroom.

It’s going to have to be a bit of a joint family effort so here’s hoping I don’t drive them demented by not allowing them to eat their dinner until it’s been photographed from every available angle and dragging them into a shop every time I see some nice bedding. They might quite enjoy all the day trips out in the name of “research” though I hope!

Wish us luck…

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