Low Fat Vs Clean Eating

So in the last two years I put on a bit of weight. I can’t claim that this was entirely due to having a baby, although it didn’t help that during the first half of the pregnancy all I could eat was rich tea biscuits and then during the second half I couldn’t get enough of salt & vinegar crisps and ice cream. It probably also didn’t help that I then ate my own body weight in chocolate whilst I was breast feeding Molly…so all in all, something needed to be done. I re-discovered my love of Slimming World which was great and I lost all my “baby weight” and then some, but then I began to think really carefully about what I was eating and more importantly what my family were eating and I decided that although a low fat diet had got me to where I wanted to be, I wasn’t wholly convinced that everything it was “okay” to have at Slimming World was entirely beneficial.

So, I began to look at different ways of eating and discovered the world of “clean eating” through books such as “Eat Nourish Glow” by Amelia Freer www.ameliafreer.com  and “Deliciously Ella” by Ella Woodward www.deliciouslyella.com and whilst I love the idea of this way of eating, part of me is very nervous about giving up my low fat ways.


As a compromise I decided to start experimenting a little, adapting recipes from these books, other clean living blogs and Slimming World as well to see  if I couldn’t come up with a diet that combines both elements and is family friendly as well.

In my blog I will try to include recipes that I’ve tried and honest accounts of how they’ve been received, bearing in mind that my audience is a toddler who one day can’t get enough of something, and then next day looks at me like I’m an idiot for even offering it to her.

Let’s see how we get on shall we? x

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